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At Kingdom Coffee Roasters we are a small people over profit Coffee Roastery on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We roast high end specialty coffee sourced directly from the farmers, ensuring that everyone involved in the growing, picking and processing of the coffee is paid above minimum wage. We roast weekly and every batch is cupped to ensure consistency. There is no compromise, we roast the best coffee using the best equipment. Right now we are on a 30kg Loring. 

We aim to run our business with the highest ethical standards, caring for people and valuing the relationships that are built along the way. 

We have a passion to see children that are impoverished get as much assistance and care as possible. That's why we have partnered with Our Neighbours Ministry in Zimbabwe. A multi faceted organisation that supports babies that have been abandoned & children living on the streets of Bulawayo. They also assist vulnerable girls to overcome their barriers and reach their full potential along with weekly soup kitchens to feed the hungry. In addition they provide support to orphans and widows. Visit to read more or sponsor a baby. We are proud to support Our Neighbours and we hope you would feel proud knowing that every time you drink Kingdom Coffee you are helping so many others. We are all in this together. 

If you are interested in wholesaling our beans in your cafe or restaurant then please send us an email or call.

0422 503 085

Much love

Matt, Nai and Shiloh

Help Us Help People!

Right now we give monthly support to Compassion, Surf Aid Australia and Our Neighbours abandoned baby home in Zimbabwe, but we hope to start giving more…but that depends on you!

Kingdom Coffee Roasters Northern Beaches Sydney Australia - People Over Profit

Sourcing Transparency

By purchasing Kingdom Coffee you are promoting fair working conditions for farmers and mill workers. We source our coffee from direct trade, specialty importers who assist the farmers with sustainability and quality control.  This ensures the farmers create a great product and receive a fair price for their produce. We also do something almost nobody else is doing…we are open in our buying prices. It’s one thing to say you support fair trade and direct trade partners, but are roasters really prepared to be transparent with their green bean purchase prices? Email us if you would like more information on our buying processes. 

At Kingdom Coffee Roasters, we offer specialty coffee in Sydney and we are specialty coffee roaster in Sydney. We have a very simple philosophy…to always put people before profit. We provide our customers with the best specialty coffee in Sydney, along with the highest quality coffee, sourced transparently and ethically. We know that there are many coffee roasters on the Northern Beaches, coffee roasters in Manly and coffee roasters in Mosman but many of them are owned by huge multinationals focused sole on profit.

We know that there are coffee roasters everywhere, North Shore coffee roasters, Northern Beaches coffee roasters in Manly coffee roasters and coffee roasters in Mosman, coffee roasters everywhere, but we are coffee roasters with a focus on you the customer, embracing a people over profit model that creates sustainability and peace of mind for both the coffee producer and consumer.

All of our speciality coffee in Sydney is sourced directly from farmers, meaning these people earn the money that they deserve. As boutique coffee roasters in Sydney, our coffee roasters on the North Shore always strive to offer consistency in every cup, with each roast cupped and graded accordingly. There are no shortcuts.

Of course, we are perhaps a little biased, but we have several returning customers who frequently comment that we serve the best specialty coffee in Sydney. Along with offering speciality coffee in Sydney, we are focused on building and maintaining professional relationships along the way, caring for people and adopting ethical and transparent practices throughout the whole process.

That’s why we have partnered with “Our Neighbour’s” and “Surf Aid”, with profit from the company going to help impoverished children. We genuinely believe that can be more than just specialty coffee roasters in Sydney.

As coffee roasters in Manly, coffee roasters in Mosman and coffee roasters on the North Shore we started roasting for our flagship cafe RUKUS in Newport. As boutique coffee roasters we made a conscious decision to always think big and buy beyond the cheaper Brazillian and Columbian blends so commonly roasted by others. We have always used the best coffee beans we could afford and the latest equipment. We are now on a 30kg Loring in Sydney’s North Shore and we roast coffee that always scores above 80 points in the cup.

Unlike many of the specialty coffee roasters in Manly, or the coffee roasters in Mosman or the specialty coffee roasters on the North Shore, we have dedicated our profession to a greater cause. Our partnership with “Our neighbours Ministry” in Zimbabwe helps get children off the streets and give newborn and abandoned babies a home.

As coffee roasters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we may be miles away from Zimbabwe, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t play a role in helping others, regardless of our size or location.

If you are looking for specialty coffee roasters on the Northern Beaches, coffee roasters on the North Shore, or coffee roasters in Manly, we are always happy to have a chat and see if we can help meet your needs. We also provide commercial coffee machines and equipment for all your cafe requirements.

If you would be interested in wholesaling our beans, we have some very favourable deals to help you get established and trial our products. We have every confidence in the beans and coffee that we offer, and we know that you will be 100% satisfied.

We are always keen to point out that by purchasing any products from Kingdom Coffee; you are helping to promote better working conditions for farmers, mill workers and all connected to the industry. We provide our customers with a quality product at a fair price, believing that when you support us, you are also helping others to build better quality lives for themselves and their families.

So, if you would like more information about specialty coffee in Sydney, our boutique coffee roasters in Sydney, or perhaps just doing you bit to help children in Zimbabwe, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on +61 (0) 422 503 085, email or contact us directly via the website. Together we can make a difference and help to make positives changes to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.