Kingdom Coffee Roasters Northern Beaches Sydney Australia

Our Story, So Far...

At Kingdom Coffee Roasters we are a small startup roastery on Sydney's Northern Beaches. We comprise a team of two; my wife Naomi and me, Matt. We are about as small as they come, but we have a big dream! We want, one day to be Sydney’s first non for profit coffee roaster...but that’s probably a few years off. For now, we have set about establishing the brand as personable and relationally based as possible. We know that our biggest asset is you, the customer!

Having started out roasting on the front deck with a small 3kg roaster, we were formerly known as “Unground” micro roasted coffee. I was just starting out roasting after more than 10 years being a barista, I'd learnt a lot from my good friend and coffee mentor Kit. Kit taught me the dark art of roasting and the value of doing things right. There was no compromise, only high end coffee, roasted weekly and enjoyed daily!

Eventually after almost 4 years of roasting I opened, in partnership with two close friends Rukus Cafe in Newport. Together we purchased “Unground” from Kit.

Now, with the impending arrival of our first born baby, we decided collectively to divide the business up. So my  wife and I became the owners of the business...but we wanted a change. A new aesthetic and a new dream. So here we the beginning of an exciting journey... hoping to build a kingdom that benefits people, a kingdom all about relationships.

Help Us Help People!

Right now we give monthly support to Compassion, Surf Aid Australia and UNHCR but we hope to start giving more…but that depends on you!

Kingdom Coffee Roasters Northern Beaches Sydney Australia - People Over Profit
Kingdom Coffee Roasters Northern Beaches Sydney Australia - Coffee Beans

Sourcing Transparency

By purchasing kingdom coffee you are promoting fair working conditions. We source our coffee from direct trade, specialty importers who assist the farmers with sustainability and quality control.  This ensures the farmers create a great product and receive a fair price. we also do something almost nobody else is doing…we are opening our buying prices to those curious. It’s one thing to say you are fair trade and direct trade partners, but are roasters really prepared to be transparent with their green bean purchase prices? Our attempt to change the industry is by being fully transparent with our purchase prices. in doing so, we hope that other roasters will stop buying “fair trade” “specialty” coffee for below $2per kg (it happens!) and start paying a price that actually helps the farmer.