Relationship Coffee

The first and currently only Australian not for profit coffee company! We believe that our business can do far more good in the world by supporting kids who are in desperate need. We are committed in using our business to foster lasting relationships both with our cafe partners and with others less fortunate. All the profits go towards helping home, feed, educate and empower orphaned kids.

All coffee is specialty, direct trade and traceable. Ethically sourced, and of the highest quality.

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  • Quality

    “Honestly, the rukus blend was epic.” – James. H

  • "Ahhh why have I only just found you"

    "Hidden gem of a roaster. Good price, better coffee. Love the vision of the company too. Nice to see a business doing good in the world" - Dan. B

  • Bummer

    "What a bummer you don't have any outlets in QLD, just tried your beans and they are very, very good. Oh well, at least I can get them online. keep it up" - Elroy